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Every Texan deserves affordable, high‐quality health care. Health care prices have been a financial burden for too many families for too long. Our health care system is riddled with surprise medical bills, price gouging, and patient-abuse, which are leaving families penniless and without proper care. It is nearly impossible for Texans to stay in-network for every service they receive in an emergency, even when they make sure they go to the right hospital. As it stands, 1 in 3 admissions to a Texas emergency room results in a patient receiving an expensive surprise medical bill. Enough is enough. This legislative Session, we will work to expand Texas' efforts to hold providers accountable for fraud, waste, and abuse - especially in the private market.

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NBC 5 Responds: How Does a $50 COVID-19 Test Cost Insurance More Than $10,000?

Several North Texans contacted our team with concerns after they paid $50 for a COVID-19 test after visiting Total Care in Benbrook. A few months later, they each received and explanation of benefits from their insurance provider and discovered Total Care charged more than $10,000 for that visit.
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Heartbreaking Bills, Lawsuit and Bankruptcy — Even With Insurance

Matthew Fentress was diagnosed with heart disease that developed after a bout of the flu, in 2014. His condition worsened three years later and he had to declare bankruptcy when he could not afford his medical bills, despite having insurance.
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Essential Worker Shoulders $1,840 Pandemic Debt Due To COVID Cost Loophole

Essential Worker Shoulders $1,840 Pandemic Debt Due To COVID Cost Loophole
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COVID Tests Are Free, Except When They’re Not

Her doctor worried she had COVID-19 but couldn’t test her for it until she ruled out other things. That test cost a bundle.
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